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While open access is starting to become a norm for academic article publishing in the UK, unfortunately this movement has not yet pushed into book publishing. Despite the fact that many academic books are underpinned by the same empirical research that supports peer-reviewed journal publications, a range of cultural and historical factors have meant that, thus far, little support exists for funding open access book projects. There are examplars such as Mattering Press, who are committed to Open Access within book publishing, and have published some excellent collections on Modes of Knowing and Practices of Comparison that are freely available online. Such initiatives, however, are still limited.

We therefore feel fortunate that for this project, we have been able to find funding to make a few small parts of the book open access. Thanks to the support of the DEMAND Centre, which has been funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (grant number EP/K011723/1), as a part of the Research Councils UK Energy Programme and EDF R&D as part of the ECLEER Programme, the introduction and methodological conclusion are freely available online. In addition, the short introductions to each part of the book are also available online. We hope that having access to these portions will help to give you a taste of the contributions, and direct you to the parts of the book that connect most saliently to your own work.

Open Access:
Hui, Day and Walker: Demanding energy: an introduction
Hui, Day and Walker: Identifying research strategies and methodological priorities for the study of demanding energy

Part 1: Making connections
Part 2: Unpacking meanings
Part 3: Situating agency
Part 4: Tracing trajectories
Part 5: Shifting rhythms

Browse or purchase:
Individual chapters of the book

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Lecturer in Sociology at Lancaster University; Curious about travel, everyday life, consumption, creative practices

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